How to Prevent Computer Power Cords From Coming Loose

Power cords that become loose or accidentally connected are costing data centers millions of dollars in server downtime. It is not uncommon for a technician to accidentally pull out a cord when doing routine maintenance or moving the cord slightly causing it to become loose creating downtime due to intermittent power.

Many network managers have resorted to using wire retainer bars and even epoxy glue to prevent this from happening. While these measures can work, they require extra work in installing or removing the cords which results in higher cost. There is now a solution under the trade name of Auto-Lock™ that requires no additional parts and allows the plug to lock in automatically to the receptacle so they can not be removed until you are ready to remove it.
Two popular power cord styles incorporate C13 or C19 locking connectors and are available in many different sizes. With a unique patented locking mechanism on the connector side, fastening and unlocking your cord is just one pull away. After inserting the connector end into your device, it is safely secure. Once the lock engages, the plug will not come out until you want to remove the cord. You can release the lock simply by pulling back on the red sliding tabs and pulling out like a standard plug.

Make a point of purchasing only certified power cords that have undergone all relevant tests and are proven safe for the environment you intend to use it for. Facilities like laboratories and test centers, where computers run round the clock, using authentic and certified cords is extremely important as they are capable of withstanding pressurized and constant operation. Server load in these facilities is immense that dictates the necessity of certified cords.

It is also important to get the correct gauge, amps and voltage cord to match the requirements of your hardware. Using the wrong gauge can damage your hardware and cause potential fire hazards. Working with a knowledgeable company is important to ensure you are getting the quality cord that will save you money over the long term.

Buy Wallmount Cabinets to Stay Organized and Clutter-free

It is all about managing your space to remain organized and clutter-free. This goes for your home as well as your workplace. We will specifically talk about making your office space organized.

Your office is where you spend most of your time. The way you work depends on what surrounds you. If there is too much clutter around, you will not be able to focus on your work. Half your time will go into managing your hardware, computer, cables, accessories, and other such items. But, this isn’t how it should be. You need equipment storage options that can assist you in reducing this mess and getting more organized.

Wallmount cabinets and racks are one great way of doing this. These come in different sizes to help you store all your networking equipment in one place, and then concentrate on things that are more important.

Wallmount cabinets are available can be enclosed with locking doors allowing you to remain worry free about the safety of your equipment. In addition, they can be easily installed and don’t even require the help of a technician or a handyman.

If you want to buy wallmount cabinets online, then there is no better place to go than Information Support Concepts or ISC. To know more about their products, you can visit their website –

Three Benefits of Buying CAT6A Patch Cable Online

The Electronic Industries Association and Telecommunication Industry Association, commonly known as EIA/TIA, defined CAT6 as an Ethernet cable. As the name suggests, CAT6 is the sixth generation of twisted pair Ethernet cabling.

CAT6 comes with four pairs of copper wire as the previous generation CAT5 has. However, there is one difference. CAT6 utilizes all four pins. When it comes to speed, CAT6 supports Gigabit Ethernet that speeds up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). Also, it supports communications at more than twice the speed of CAT5e, which is the other popular standard for Gigabit Ethernet cabling. CAT6a is the newest type of Ethernet cabling that you can use for your network. CAT6a is an improved version of CAT6 cabling and offers superior performance.

You can buy CAT6a patch cable online or from your local market. Below-mentioned are three main benefits that you will get if you choose to buy it online:

  • You can order CAT6a cable in the comfort of your home or office if you decide to purchase it online.
  • Buying online saves time and money. As you can compare the prices at different stores without any hassle, you will get the best value for your money.
  • Quality online stores allow you to connect quickly to a live person if you have any questions and can also guide you to other product solutions.

Considering these benefits, it is a smart decision to buy CAT6a cable online.

C13 Power Cord and Its Uses

C13 power cords are 10-15 amps, 125-250 volts connectors that are available in different ranks and lengths. These are one of the most preferred connectors, owing to their design and efficiency. C13 power cords are available in straight, angled and are even able to lock.

The patented Auto-Lock™ C13 cord prevents accidental removal or loose connections that can cause expensive down time. They plug in like a regular cord and have a quick release when you need to remove them.

There are certain steps you need to follow to buy C13 power cord online – choosing the right plug for your use, checking the rating, and then selecting the correct cord from the available alternatives. It is important to understand that there are different power cords for different uses. These universal cords are also designed to fit the power specifications and requirements of many countries.

C13 power cables are quite common with data center servers as well as PC users. This cable is also used to connect a PC with a monitor, game system, printer, etc. These cords are available in many lengths to fit most any application you may have.

One such place to buy C13 power cord from is Information Support Concepts (ISC). All cords provided by this online store are IEC approved.

Three Points to Consider When Buying Wallmount Cabinets

The best way to mount equipment securely on a wall is wallmount cabinets. When it comes to possible uses, wallmount cabinets are versatile. You can use them to keep a server or any other equipment. What’s more, it takes only few minutes to mount them.

In the market, you will find a variety of wallmount cabinets. They are normally available with tempered glass or perforated doors. For ease of working inside a cabinet, look for those with removable locking side panels. The point here is you should consider your needs when you are going to buy them. Below are three points that will help you make an informed decision while buying wallmount cabinets:

  • The type of wallmount cabinet you require depends on how you are going to use it. U size and usable depth are critical in determining the size cabinet you will need. If you have to check the server or equipment frequently, you should purchase a wallmount cabinet with a tempered glass door. The door will also provide security from secret entry.
  • You should make sure the cabinet fits in the space you plan to use it.
  • Online or traditional market- It is advisable that you should buy wallmount cabinets online for ease of selecting the best cabinet for your application. Moreover, you can browse through a wide range of other peripheral products essential for your applications.

In case, you are not able to decide which cabinet is right for you, give us a call at 800-458-6255.


Server Rack Cabinets For Protection And Performance

A network has many components that are essential in their own unique way. But, if there is one component that sits above all in terms of significance, it is a server. A well maintained server prevents a lot of costly problems. Heat is a constant threat to servers so the proper enclosure and airflow are very important considerations when setting them up.

In small companies, servers are often put on or under a desk with little thought of security. A good solution is to choose a server cabinet that is made for your server application. These type enclosures offer security and make your workplace organized while also reducing safety risks and improve the life of your network. A server rack cabinet caters to this requirement and keeps your server supplied with maximum airflow.

There are a lot of choices of cabinets and it can be confusing if you have not purchased them before. It is best to work with a company that understands the different applications and environments that a server may be utilized. Information Support Concepts Inc, offers you great server rack options and has helpful Account Managers that can assist you in finding the best cabinet for your application and budget.

Buy Sturdy Computer Rack Shelves Online

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, businesses with complete reliance of technological devices facilitating smooth operations are evolving. How much a business enterprise relies on technology entirely depends on the area of operations and structure as well; small businesses have limited operations whereas large entities require endless technological support.

Companies dealing with web-hosting services, data operations and compilation and other computer related tasks stand in need of multiple servers to support uninterrupted work operations. Also, when business operations relate to telecom, corporate training and networking, the infrastructure comprises of multiple computer systems to continuously deliver productivity with efficient results. In few companies, multiple computers, aligned with each other with codes and cables, for e.g. server or MCR rooms are required to be powered non-stop and also need proper placement where work is not hampered.

Computer rack shelves, made of high quality, sturdy material along with adjustable rack rails are the best solution in such scenario. These shelves or racks help you competently organize your important computer hardware and accessories in the easiest way, utilizing space and ensuring safe operations as well. You can choose to buy computer rack shelves online keeping in mind the requirements. Check the dimension and size and ensure proper air passage. You should add a sturdy, fixed computer shelf in almost every cabinet or rack. Fixed rack computer shelves are perfect to help support servers and UPS backup systems.

Information Support Concepts is a leading brand name offering efficient product solutions in the computer world ranging from Rackmount products like server racks and computer rack cabinet solutions. The online catalog has detailed product descriptions that allow you to make an informed choice. Choose quality product solutions for your business by visiting the webstore now.

Tablik Adjustable Arm Tablet


Have you ever tried using your tablet at your desk along with your desktop? If so, you probably found it very difficult to position and awkward to use.

After investigating several options, I still wasn’t satisfied until I found the Tablik™ which I think is a pretty cool device. It mounts any tablet on an adjustable arm that easily attaches to your desk. The adjustable arm allows you to position the tablet so it is easy to use.

I found there is also an optional bracket that allows you to fasten it on to the side of your monitor. The feature that I found that ran circles around the others was the ability to quickly remove the tablet from the arm if I need to take it to a meeting.

It does cost more than many on the market but it was well worth the price in functionality. You can get more details at by clicking here on Tablik™.



Special Pricing On Black Box Tool- Less Rack Shelf

Black Box tool-less rack shelf for 4-post rack rails

Black Box tool-less rack shelf

If you have ever installed 4-post rack shelves, you have probably dropped a screw or two or pinched your fingers more than you want to admit.  Black Box has come to the rescue with their tool-less shelves.

The flanges on the telescoping mounting ears fit simply into the cage nut rack rails with no problem. To help you with lost screws and bruised fingers, we are offering these rack shelves at a special price. Pricing will be for a very limited time, so if you are interested, I would check them out now. On the other hand, these are so easy to use, they are worth it at most any price!

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Low Cost USB Lock – Peace Of Mind!

usb lock with key         usb lock without key

If you have tried different USB locks and found them difficult to use and very expensive, you might want to take a look at these. Just push the filler lock in the USB port and when you want to take it out, a unique key that is not easily replicated allows for easy removal. Low cost, easy to use and peace of mind can put a smile on your face. Try it and let us know how you liked it. You can more details at